Univerdidad de Lanus 10 Octubre 2017

The difficult road to a Plan for Modernization of the Port of Buenos Aires

After you have read this entry of October 2017 in my own blog, I would like you to read a copy of part of one I made the same day in the blog www.nuestromar.org of the Nuestro Mar Foundation, “Fundación Nuestromar”. Unfortunately this is in Spanish and so far I have had no time to make a translation. But for anybody with an interest in this matter, Google Translator can help very much and for them I am at their disposal to give more information in English.

This article was addressed primarily to friends whom I had invited to participate in the “open debate” in the blog of “Nuestro Mar”, with very little success and which also increased my blood-pressure.

I asked them to read a presentation I made in September 2016 for CPAU, a Council of Arquitects and Urbanism. Open here.